Thursday, August 16, 2007

Work n' Play (less work, more play)

This week I went in to the hospital and signed all of those official papers (W-4, criminal record request and what-nots). It was cool to see some people again that I had worked with and who I will be working with, indefinitely...which is weird. Lately I feel like the real world hit me like a steamroller. Which has created some feelings of uneasiness and episodes of stress, but I'm not letting that stop me from enjoying my time off.

Malachi and I have started playing tennis (which means we have played once so far with the full intent to play more). And we went to a drive-in on tuesday with the Vliets. The movies were Rush Hour 3 (too cheesy/ridiculous to be considered good), The Simpsons (I fell asleep as soon as they escaped from the dome, but I enjoyed what I could stay awake for), and Live Free or Die Hard (which I slept through in whole, but I had already seen it so I can still rate it. And I say its a good movie, because I like the Die Hards).

Tomorrow (after hours of wonderful studying of Cardiopulmonary facts), Malachi and I are going to the Pepperfest in downtown Hudson to watch a talent show and maybe play some bingo. It should (hopefully) be a good time!

Also, my dad has been working on my new bedroom, which I am really excited to move into because it has a little nook!
And now I will leave you with this cute puppy picture.


P.S. Big Brother 8 was a GREAT episode tonight, but I'm sure none of you watch it, so I wont go into further detail.

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I like your blogs!