Tuesday, October 23, 2007

besides studying...

I did stuff last month that I have pictures of and thought I would share. So it's really not news. It's olds. Get it? Yes...I am clever... Anyways, my parents and malachi and I went to the state fair. My first time EVER. And I found that there are lots of people that go.
I made it my goal to eat everything I could.
Pickle on a stick and fried pickles (normal and cajun style)

Funnel cake (YUM)

Frozen grapes

Yummy corn

And snow cones! (we also had french fries and cotton candy, but I didnt get pictures of those)

The night before I started work in the real world, Malachi and I went out to eat with Nik and his girlfriend Angie. And we tried very hard to get those two to move over to these parts, but I dont think we were successful (they live in WA).

(Nik and Angie ar more photogenic than the two of us)

Then I went to work. This is a picture of one of my coworkers and me at our Rehab Open House. The two of us were in charge of the modalities section (hence the machines behind Brenda).

But ya, that is half of the department. It's really very nice. Oh, and Taumi, I think you would love my hospital because they rotate art every 3 months. Local artists sell their art. Right now there are bear paintings in the Rehab department and beautiful photography in the cafeteria. It's interesting how they do it though. They will not put anything abstract in the inpatient rooms because they dont want to put pictures in there that you have to think about. It should be obvious art with a peaceful theme. And in the conference rooms you see more abstract art to encourage thinking. We have the bears in Rehab because they are dancing bears...active! And in the hall there are these HUGE paintings of beautiful landscapes (which are about $6000.00 each though). (...the bears are in the 100's). Anyways, next time you are around Taumi, I will give you a tour of the hospital art (hopefully good stuff is up at that time). Oh and some of the art is in the permanent collection. Like this beautiful quilt that is hanging on the wall. I love it.
Also, a couple of weeks ago, Malachi and I went for a autumn color drive, to see the leaves. We stopped at a bunch of orchards, none of which compare to the Michigan ones unfortunately. But I got to pet a goat.

And here is a picture of the first day of sunlight in a LONG time:

Oh, and Vanessa, are you and Ryan okay with all of those fires???


Miriam said...

this is a really happy colorful lovely blog!

vmc said...

Yes, a very happy, colorful, lovely blog...that makes me DROOL! All that yummy fair food...mmm...

I know you're probably really busy with work and stuff...but you should blog more! I'm going to tell Taumi the same thing, and I'm trying to get Miriam to get on blogger, too. I think I'm just missing you guys so much lately!

Taumi said...

Wow, how did you fit all that food in that small, tight, little tummy of yours? How I miss you and all the fun that surrounds you! You bet yer britches you will take me on a tour of that hospital art sometime. That's really cool how they put so much thought into placement. It really does make a difference I think.