Sunday, October 28, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

Yesterday was a grand ole' time. Malachi took me to his Chiropractic school and gave me a tour. Then we went to the book store and I bought a t-shirt and a sweatshirt to represent the chiropractic college. Of course...I wont be representing in front of any of my colleagues, but otherwise I can wear my new clothes. They had lots of cool stuff in the bookstore like "Bone Crackers" which are crackers in the shapes of bones. Later that night, we carved pumpkins with Jonny and Alyssa!

Jonny made a very happy/suprised pumpkin

Malachi made an ipod

Alyssa did a really good job making Bob and Larry Boy

And I made a bear holding a pumpkin

And I think its time for more adorable puppy pictures.


Miriam said...

oh my goodness - you guys are all crazy good! I carved one on Friday but I can't show it in the presence of these - wow!
Oh, and I just toured a Chiropractic school/clinic a couple of weeks ago. They want us to learn more about alternative medicine. It was all pretty interesting.

vmc said...

lynds, your pumpkin is so good! a bear holding a pumpkin...hehehe, so cute! I like the new pic of you and Malachi, too =)

Anonymous said...

Hey Darlin, this was an amazingly fun weekend, although sunday was a wasted day on the pleasures of friendship and lazy sundays. :D Way to throw some pics of the pups in there. They seem to follow me wherever i look or listen. :D

Taumi said...

I like your pumpkin the best! And I just got your gift! I loved everything in that box and I love the box too. I brought the tea posies to work today and made Alan Eno make one in his tea pot so we could watch it and drink it. Coolest gift ever. I read the book last night. And I am excited to see if those jacks o'lanters really do glow in the dark.