Saturday, February 2, 2008

Hot Air Affair

I still would like to go to the amazing hot air balloon show in New Mexico, but for now, this will do. It's a little smaller and a lot colder and way too early (7 AM) for a saturday morning, but still entertaining.
They lay all of the balloons out on the snow covered ground,

Then the fill the balloon with air from fans while one to a few people hold a rope coming from the top of the balloon.
They fill up quicker than I would have thought.
And they fill them up alot closer to eachother than I would have thought.
The two coolest ones were the rubber ducky and Garfield. Unfortunately, I didnt get the best pictures of them because my camera was being moody and randomly stopped working after saying "Battery Exhausted". What does that even mean?
As for this picture, I was pointing my camera towards the balloons, and getting my camera to focus when this lady walks in front of me, stops, and smiles at my camera. I waited a little bit to see if she would leave, but she didnt, so I pointed the camera a little higher. Unfortunately, she still managed to make it in the picture.

And they're off!

Later we went to the winter carnival, which was not exciting because all of the ice sculptures didnt survive the cold, so we had fun with the Peanuts.

Enjoy Superbowl sunday!

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Taumi said...

When I saw the picture with the random smiling lady I though you must know her and then read the funny is she?! I should do that more often. Not that I already do. This is the coolest event too, by the way. Loved those red, black, and white ones all together. You always go to the funnest stuff. We don't have cool festivals and carnivals around here. Atleast I don't hear about them. BUT Cirque Du Soleil is coming back to Omaha again in April and this time we definitely are going to get tickets. I am so excited!