Monday, February 25, 2008

How I Think It Should Have Gone Down...

Best Actor: Johnny Depp. I didnt see Sweeney Todd (I didnt see any of the movies in this category), but Johnny Depp is a man of many talents and I have faith that he did a great job.

Best Actress: Ellen Page. Not that she acted much different in the movie than she does in real life. But I liked the movie, so therefore I think she should have won.
(I have no opinion on the supporting roles)

Animation: I agree with Ratatouille
Music (song): I would have been happy with either Enchanted (which had 3 out of the 5 nominations in that category!) OR August Rush! So really, I would have been happy with any of the nominations EXCEPT the one that won.

Best Picture: Juno. I've only seen one of the other nominees (No Country for Old Men, which also happened to win this award), so maybe my opinion would be different if I saw those other ones, but I havent so its not.

Best Dressed:

I liked Hiegl's dress because I thought the shoulder was kinda cool.

Hilary Swank actually had an okay dress.

Keri Russell is always pretty.

I liked that Kelly Preston wore something besides the color red (which everyone else wore)

And Heidi Klum's dress was a bit costume like, but it was still kinda cool, in a 'I have nothing to wear so I will fashion this bedspread around me' way.


vmc said...

I still haven't seen Juno yet, but I really really want to. I love Jason Bateman :)

And I agree with your best dressed picks, they are all very nice (I have mine picked out already and am going to post them in a second!). I don't like how Keri Russell's shoulders look kind of slouched and it makes her boobs look funny...but then again, she did just have a baby! And I totally agree about Kelly Preston's dress! Hillary Swank's was ok...I just hated her hairstyle, and honestly I'm not a huge fan of one-shoulder dresses. Heigel's was definitely the best one-shoulder dress, though. But I didn't care for her hair.

Taumi said...

I liked Kelly Preston's but everyone else I watched with thought, "ew, gold!" As I thought, "Oooh, orangey-yellow!"

Taumi said...

I loved those song videos. It made me remember how much i LOVED August Rush. I havn't seen Enchanted yet, but all the pieces I have seen tells me I will love it too. I really like Amy Adams. And James Marsden in my top 2 hottest hollywood men right now.