Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Cruise (Blog 1 of 4) - The Carnival Glory

The hotel room we stayed in the night before the cruise was freaking huge. So I had to include pictures of it before talking about the actual cruise:

Yes, it was pretty much an apartment. We didnt stay very long though. We had this ship to board!
Leaving port, we waved goodbye to Coco Beach and the Kennedy Space Center.
Now, you cant have a cruise without some fancy feasts:

Sushi above, Grand Gala Buffet below

Then there is the Chocolate Buffet!! (more exciting for me than for Malachi):

And of course there are the nightly dinners. I had every cheese they offered to expand my knowledge of cheese (Brie, Port Salut, Imported Swiss, Bleu, and Gouda) with my desert every night. Again, things that I enjoyed a little more than Malachi.

However, Malachi did 'enjoy' his first (and my guess is his last) taste of escargot:

We tried our luck at the casino and ended up losing $2 at the penny slots.

The towel animals were present on this cruise:

We got all fancy on formal night:

We hung out with the views occaisionally (and also frequently felt sick due to the very noticeable waves as Malachi demonstrates here):

We took some pictures at sunset...
It was windy...
We didnt play chess, contrary to appearances.
But we did play with our glasses.

And then we flew home (I got to sit next to this handsome fellow)

Stay tuned for much cooler blogs that show much prettier pictures.

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Taumi said...

Oooh, yellow dress....

Did you really eat all those desserts sitting in front of you in that picture? It is so funny seeing such a little girl with so much food in front of her.

When are parts 2-4 coming out?