Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Cruise (Blog 2 of 4) - Nassau, Bahamas

This is a pretty short blog (well, compared to the other 3 of my cruise blogs). We were not in Nassau very long. And our excursion (an all inclusive resort with kayaking, wind surfing, private beaches, pools, free food, free drinks, etc, etc, etc...sounds amazing, right?) was cancelled, so we just walked around a little and, thats it. Also, I dont know where all of the photos from here are. I distinctly remember taking a picture with a pirate, but I can't seem to find that anywhere. Maybe it was knocked out of my camera's memory when I dropped my camera that night and broke it. Yes, I broke my camera. But I wont depress the mood of this blog with my venting about my broken camera.

It's me! I also remember taking pictures of Malachi in this large contraption, but I cant find those pictures either.

Nassau was not as dirty and scary as I remembered, but we did not walk down the street that Vanessa and I ventured onto several years ago. I can't believe we went down that road. It's somewhat difficult to get to (because they try to guide you to the stores), and scary looking even from afar. But even apart from that road, Nassau is still not very impressive.

All of these pictures have me in them because I am conceited. Or maybe it's because of all of those lost pictures that Malachi was in. Stupid stupid me for dropping my camera.

Now, when people think of the Bahamas, this is what is usually envisioned:

But I think we all know, this is what it REALLY looks like:

And finally, please everyone:


Taumi said...

Am LOVIN' the yellow skirt! Where from?

I want to live in the house with the red doors and red shutters. Tres cute!

And what on earth is a "ya ting?" I can only guess. You would never see such a crude sign in America. (I am going to keep telling myself that too.)

Lyndsey said...

I know, I love the skirt too, but I cant remember where it is from...I will check the tag later, but I'm thinking Plato's Closet.