Sunday, April 27, 2008

Tomatoes, Strawberries and Herbs...Oh My!

I recently walked into target and thought to myself "why not?" And I proceeded to purchase 5 tiny little pots that held the promises of strawberries, tomatoes, oregano, chives and basil. I have been wanting an herb garden for a very very very long time now, so I decided to splurge $5 and buy the cutest little garden I could imagine.

Each kit contained a pellet of soil and a package of seeds.
The soil was to be soaked in water, and I'm sad I didnt take a picture of the leaning tower of pisa's that grew out of the pellets.
Then it was put in the adorable clay pots along with the tiny tiny tiny seeds.


So far (since I dont have all that recent of photos), there are a couple of tiny chives and tomatoes. Every once in a while one of the herbs tries to poke its head up, but they disappear quickly. I've had my doubts about the strawberries since I first saw them in the store, and they are truly living up to my expectations as they have shown no sign of life.

Now, this isnt really gardening, but this is our poinsettia. Do you guys see what I see?

A few of the leaves turned red! And we didnt even shove it in a closet for a specific number of hours a day.

Anyways, next weekend my dad and I are going to plot out a garden and buy some seeds and plants. I'm soooooo excited!!! We just decided to do this. So now I wont get depressed when my tiny garden above fails.


vmc said...

I'm so excited for you! Gardening brings such satisfaction. I can't wait to see your little babies grow (they can be cousins with mine).

Taumi said...

I bought those same cute pots of herbs at Target about four years ago! Needless to say my basement apartment was not conducive to growing things! They all grew a little, then died.

Kate said...

It makes me want to plant grape tomatoes and roll in the grass and chew on leaves. I have spring fever!

vmc said...

hey, i can't view kate's blog! tell her to invite me :)

so, any little sproutlings yet???