Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Cruise (Blog 3 of 4) - St. Thomas / St. John, USVI

St. Thomas

Oh St. Thomas, how I miss you and your water so blue, and your gorgeous view(s), and all the bird poo.

We were unable to do much of anything in St. Thomas. I had my big thick Frommer's Carribean 2008, unfortunately that book proved only to be a good reminder of all the cool things that I didnt have time to do.
What we did get to do though, was take a 45 min boat ride (with a very entertaining crew) to St. John.

Looks like a good time, but as I hinted at before, their was alot of bird poop. Meaning, there were these birds that were flying at the very front of our boat THE ENTIRE TIME, and were pooping all over us.

If you dont believe me, just look at the girls who were sitting in front of us, they had already been pooped on and didnt want an encore.

St. John
Here we went on a tour of the island. Not nearly as entertaining of a tour guide as the boat ride guys, but the views were amazing.

Above is a little beautiful area that costs...I cant remember exactly, but around 13 bucks a night. You pay to hook your boat to a buoy, and as our tour guide pointed out, anyone that can afford one of those yachts, doesnt have a problem paying a few bucks a night. So there is a 7 night maximum stay. Oh, and you cant anchor there, thats why the buoys are there, to preserve the area.
This house is none other than Kenny Chesney's house. And it was upon this house's beach that he and Renee' Zellweger got hitched.
This was a little shop along the way.
The shop had lizards on it.

This was the third day of our cruise and we hadnt touched water yet, AT ALL. So we found a little spot to dip our toes into.

When we were back on the boat, we watched the sunset over St. Thomas. How beautiful.

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