Sunday, June 15, 2008


Yesterday my parents, Malachi and I went up to Duluth for the day. Why? Well, the main stop was the Glensheen Mansion!

Our tour guide was a little bit of crazy. Such as when someone asked about where they had made the milk, she started talking about the murder. And when my mom asked if there were tours all year long, the lady proceeded to give us a very very very detailed explanation of what days she, our tour guide, volunteered each week. She also left out some info that I had thought were interesting from when V and T and I went back in '01. But then, she also said some things that I hadnt heard that time before, which was cool.

Before our tour started, we went down to the Glensheen's waterfront and played around the water.

(My mom didnt appreciate me taking pictures of her and therefore came after me with a stick/tree)

Malachi and I went in the water a couple of times. This was the very coldest water I have ever set foot in. I didnt dare go out too far because my feet went numb on impact and I wouldnt trust them to bring me back to shore.

And then we skipped some stones...

After the tour we went out to eat and then walked the Lake Walk.

When we were back to Hudson, we went to the new Hudson Theater and saw...
The Happening.
I had my eyes closed for a good hour of it. So, ya. I'm not a fan.


Taumi said...

Looks like fun! Love the pic of your mom and the stick! I want to go back to see the mansion too. I don't think they told us anything about the murder when we went.

And I almost saw the Happening this weekend. Glad I didn't now. I wasn't too sure about it either.

vmc said...

that's so funny that you went to glensheen, because me and my mom are going there in july! and WHY did you see that movie? i can't even watch the trailers they show on tv, so i can't imagine how awful the whole movie would be!

Charles said...

I didn't like The Happening either. yeesh. But your weekend sounds cool!

Miriam said...

I remember when you read that book... glad you got to see it in the flesh:)