Sunday, June 1, 2008

Memorial Day

For quite a while I've been wanting to ride bike on the Red Cedar State Trail and check out the famously good ice cream shop at the end, so Memorial Day was the day! We drove out to Menomonie, WI and started on our way!

It was a pretty trail, with lots of trees and water and cool bridges.
It was really exciting at mile 7 when we saw the sign for Tilli's (the ice cream shop) and it's promises of good food!

We stopped by a small, but really pretty waterfall for pictures.
Unfortunately, there were so many mosquitoes there that I couldnt stand still for a second to have my picture taken.
So at mile 10 I was pretty hungry, and at mile 14 (the supposed end of the trail) we were not at Tilli's. Instead, we were at a bridge, over a lake, in the middle of nowhere. We stood there for a moment, a little depressed. There was no choice but to turn around. Which of course, we planned on, but with more food in our bellies than what we had, which was none.
Those last 14 miles were killers. Absolute killers. My body started eating itself in order to find energy to continue. About 24 miles into the bike ride, we started singing Father Abraham and adding our body parts that hurt to the song. Such as, "Right leg, left leg, my butt, my neck, my hands..." you get the idea. We had even decided that this was a good place to die, being in pretty nature, and we should just give up. Okay, so we sound dramatic. But seriously, we were starving.

Immediately upon making it to the truck, we were euphoric. We went directly to Taco John's for the ride home and once in hudson we went to the grocery store and then we went home and ate and ate and ate. Mmmm.

It was a wonderful adventure, as you can tell from our happy faces.

Oh, and by the way, Tilli's was at mile 7. Yes, right by the sign. Just up the hill a ways. We had no idea. We found it on the way back (mile 21...dying from hunger and lost hope), but it closes early apparently.

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vmc said...

Hehehehe, I'm really's so funny to look at the pics from the beginning of your bike ride, then at the ones at the end. Ahhh...I feel bad for you guys, what agony! But what a funny story!!!