Sunday, June 8, 2008

Puppy Blog!

I have decided that it is time to show puppy pictures once again. First we will start with Daisy.

This is her sleeping under a blanket of magazine pages.

And here she is surrounded by her puppy paw prints.
But really, the best photo of her is when I made her wear a doggy diaper.

Both of the puppies are fairly lazy dogs.

But Dylan takes the prize for laziest dog.

There are many reasons why he is very un-chihuahua like. And one of them is that he is just a very happy dog while chihuahuas are generally always stressed out.
He also, unlike typical chihuahuas, never shies away from a good mud puddle.

He has better posture than a normal chihuahua.
However, he does have the attitude of a chihuahua.


Anonymous said...

The last picture, regal, steadfast, all knowing, yet still a dog.

Taumi said...

Love the doggy diaper and of course the sleeping under the mag. pages is too cute.

vmc said...

I love the puppy blog thing! I thought Daisy sleeping under the newspapers was cute...she's like a little homeless person. And I don't think I will ever get over how much bigger Dylan (Dillon? I can't remember how to spell it) is than Daisy!