Monday, June 30, 2008


The night before my birthday, I opened presents. It was absolutely hilarious. The first present I opened was a package from my grandparents. And I knew (well, I was pretty sure) that my grandma was going to send me a quilt. The box was heavier that that though, and when I opened the box and picked up the top layer of tissue paper, I just started laughing. I was laughing so hard that I couldnt get the words out to my parents what i was looking at. I was laughing so hard I was crying. There, in front of me, were approximately 30 cassette tapes. Willie Nelson, Patty Loveless, many people I've never even heard of. I dont even have a cassette player! Okay, so those ended up being for my dad. My gift was actually a quilt. Then I opened my gift from my parents. I opened the card (also from crate and barrel) first. It read, "Wishing you a long and happy life together. Love, Carol & Bill" Again, I started laughing so hard the tears came. My parents had bought me a fondue set and apparently thats what Carol and Bill got someone for their wedding. So some couple out there is opening wedding gifts and one of them says "Happy Birthday! Love, Mom and Dad".

Anyways, on my actual birthday I went to work. Then after work I went and walked at Relay for Life. Malachi went with me. (Thank-you so much Malachi!).
This is the lighting of the Flame of Hope.

The first lap is the Survivors lap. All the people in purple shirts are survivors.

Malachi brought me supper so we sat in the parking lot away from the crowd and chowed down.
From where we were sitting and eating we saw all the balloons that the survivors let go at the end of their lap.
Me in my T-shirt.
Glow Sticks.

These are the Luminaries. They are all decorated or at least have names of cancer victims. They put candles in each one and then turn off all of the lights and have a ceremony.

It was an exhausting birthday. So now I am old and tired.


Taumi said...

That card thing is too funny! Good thing they didn't mix up the gifts.

Miriam said...

awww, looks like it WAS a happy birthday! Just like the song.