Sunday, July 13, 2008

Gossip Girl

This blog is basically geared towards Taumi. Have you ever watched Gossip Girl? I watched it last year and got hooked. It's basically a prime-time soap opera, like Grey's Anatomy, another show I'm addicted to. Anyways. They have alot of fun fashion on the show and it makes me think of you, my fashion guru. So I posted the pictures that I could find on the web for your enjoyment.

They are mostly preppy/schoolish styles because they are all rich kids that are students at an expensive highschool that has a dress code. (Though it appears to be a pretty relaxed dress code considering some of the things they get away with!)

Blair (left) has the preppier style. Serena (right) has the more free-spirit look. Though, both are obviously wealthy.

I really like her swimsuit here...

This was her bridesmaid dress at a wedding she was in.

Blair always has a headband and tights on.

This one is my favorite!

Then there is Jenny (the blonde). She is a bit younger than the others and she is poor. So she either makes her clothes or finds scandalous other ways to come across clothes so that she can fit in. She always wears socks with heels.

Then there are the two other girls that arent 'main' characters, but are on fairly frequently.
This girl, georgina or something that starts with a G, I cant remember. Well she is the evil character, the bad girl. And so her attire is always a little darker. But still cool nonetheless.
And for the life of me I cant remember this girls name, but she is the poorest of them all and isnt designer concious. She wears high top sneakers and really bold colors and prints.
Makes me want the new season to start!

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Taumi said...

I love the red tights! Wow, this blog makes me want to watch the show just for the fashion! Who doesn't love school-girl style! It also makes me want to get around to that Sex and the City movie fashion blog I was going to do.