Monday, July 28, 2008

The Great Outdoors

We went camping last weekend!
We didnt make reservations, so our first night was spent at a trailer park (or something very similar to one).
However, we had a nice spot at the trailer park right by a river.

A creeeeepy river.

Early the next morning we headed to Camp Waub-O-Jeeg. Which apparently has some fetish with stop signs.

And we lucked out and got another nice plot of land!

First things first, let's EAT!

Our fire was SMOKIN'. Boo-ya!

We had delicious haystacks with lettuce and onions from my garden.
And I ate probably 30 bazillion marshmallows. And loved every bite.

And smores!!

Malachi had a corn flower.

We took a mini-hike on the Waub O Jeeg River Trail.

The trail felt the need to explain itself.

Then we hiked around all of the potholes at Taylors Falls.

This pothole was closed for repairs. Thank goodness. It looked less than appealing due to it being flooded and resembling a crime scene.

Here is another pothole. A pretty one.



I'm actually alot farther above the water than I appear.

And Malachi is actually alot higher off of the ground than he appears.

Squinty cheese.

The next morning we made eggs.

Well, Malachi did, and I took pictures of myself.

And while I was waiting for the eggs. I couldnt resist....

Then we chillaxed.

Random photos from camping:

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Taumi said...

I can't believe you still have the pirates shirt! Don't ever get rid of it!

Waub-o-jeeb? (or whatever) Is that a real place?

Since when did men started wearing capris? I missed this man fashion trend. hehe jk, Malachi

Some great artsy shots here too, Lynds. Love the fire one. And the mushrooms growing on the log, if in fact, that is what they were. And I love the one with all the stop signs! Too funny.