Friday, July 18, 2008

Hangin With the Christiansen's

On Tuesday night I went to Ryan's parent's house to have some bonding time with these two bundles of fun:
We went with Ryan's parents and sister to an outdoor pizza place. Which is DELICIOUS! And oh-so-cool.
This is the menu:
The two ovens are outdoors.
It's family owned/run. And I tried to get a picture of the man in charge (the blur below) but he's a quick little fellow.

There were so many people there. It's such a happy atmosphere, with kids running around chasing the cats. Some people bring tables (with chairs, wine, candles, even vases with flowers), some people bring only a blanket, and a few even rode in on horses. We had chairs and a blanket and pop and salad.
The pizza was sooo good. And I agree with Vanessa when she said it is how she imagines pizza in Italy to be.Then we all went back to the house and Ceri treated us to dairy-free coconut and lime ice cream in chocolate bowls AND cheesecake with pineapple and blueberries. Holy crap I havent been so happily stuffed in longer than I can remember!

(obviously the balloons were out of the bowls before the ice cream was in them)

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Taumi said...

Everything about this blog looks magical and beautiful. That little pizza place is amazing! I gotta hit that one sometime. And Vanessa looks too cute!