Sunday, July 20, 2008

S a b b a t h

Yesterday I heard this small story (from Candace Cameron Bure...DJ Tanner from Full House of all people!).
Think of a sheep in a field of green grass. The sheep looks so clean and white. But then it snows. And the sheep is no longer surrounded by the green grass, but by perfectly white snow. And now it is apparent just how dirty this sheep is as its color almost cant even be called white when amidst all of the snow.
The story, if it isn't obvious, is about Christians. We are the sheep, God is the snow, and the world is the grass. As Christians, if we always compare ourselves to what we see in the world, then sure, we DO look pretty good! Sure we don't do drugs, steal or kill. But when we take off our rose colored glasses and actually compare ourselves to God, we see our color for what it truly is. And not doing that, we become satisfied, 'lukewarm' christians. Always content with just being better than someone else.
I also read something in a book yesterday something that fits well with this. And I'm sure we've heard it all before. But another thing it is easy to fall into is to become an 'avoiding' Christian. And what the book described this to be is someone who takes a tv show or a behavior or anything really, and then ask themselves "what's wrong with this?". When really they could be asking "how does this glorify God?"
I hope you all had a happy sabbath!

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