Friday, September 26, 2008

And the winner is...

Ya, I missed the Emmy's too (had to watch my cowboys beat the packers). But what would an awards show be without our blogs to follow up with fashion critiques?

First off, I just like this picture (and this actor):
As for this dress, I think she actually forgot to put her dress on. Isnt this the undergarment?

This girl's dress is kinda pretty. A little too wedding-ish. And she looks really unimpressed with it.
Okay, now for my favorites. I really like this one. I think mostly because it reminds me of Belle's dress (from Beauty and the Beast)
And I agree with V, I really like this one.
And this onewas pretty cool in a different sort of way.

And I have nothing interesting to say about this one, just that I liked it.

And this was kinda neat.


Taumi said...

Video: This was fun...but he didn't do the Golden Girls very proud. I liked the puppet during the x-files theme. And he just ain't no Will Smith!

vmc said...

Yes, that one dress is NOT a dress, but an undergarment! And yeah, I had mixed feelings about the black-and-white dress...maybe too zebra-ish...but nice shape...I just don't know, hahaha! And cool video...wish it would have been Jimmy Fallon though!