Saturday, September 20, 2008


Let's start off with the least important of all of these unimportant things. I bought a new comforter for my room. (actually a duvet). And I really love it. It's so purdy with all the paisley's.

So you know when there is road construction and its down to one lane and there are flaggers directing if you can go on the lane or if the oncoming traffic is using the lane? Well, I guess the flaggers of the world are losing their jobs to machines. As my dad and I drove past this contraption that served that purpose...
I took a picture of this bike because it is taking a whole parking space! Who does this person think they are? I mean, bikes can park on sidewalks typically, right? And not only that, he took one of the best spots closest to the door.


I made a virgin Cosmopolitan (in a margarita glass, but thats the best I could do). It was okay. But quite tangy. I would hold some of the lime next time.

Malachi and I made some sugar/dairy free oatmeal raisin cookies. They tasted good, but they were waaay too crumbly. So more tweaking needs to be done to this recipe as well.

The chefs:

Also, tomorrow I'll be watching football (cowboys vs packers) and cheering along with my dogs, who I forced to be cowboys fans...

Hope everyone has been having a happy sabbath!


Taumi said...

Your puppies are too cute for words in those jersies! You are Malachi have the same shape nose in that pic. You are going to love all those shots you take when your an old lady! That bike person must think he really is important. I would move it and park there. That would show him. Because I am sure it's a him. Love the duvet.

Hey, go back and read my other two blogs that I posted! Don't just look at the one on top! I'm so demanding, I know.

vmc said...

I almost spit out my coffee on my (new) laptop when I saw the bike photo. So funny! And your kids are so cute in their little joisies. I like the duvet cover, too. I just bought one (well, last month) for our bed as well, from Ikea. Right now it's still so hot that we don't even have a blanket it in, we just use it as a blanket in and of itself. Anywho, great blog; I was getting depressed every day this week that I didn't see a new blog from you :)