Saturday, September 6, 2008


A couple of weeks ago, Malachi and I hit up the MN Zoo. Truly not impressive at all after seeing the Omaha Zoo.
First thing we did was eat.
We ate right next to this guy and his large Snapping Turtle family.

I dont remember these guys' name.

But this here is a Buffalo. Or a Bison. Is there a difference?

The two-humped Camels. (not their proper name, obviously)
Chinese Wild Horses


Malachi pointing at the imaginary Moose.

The Tiger.

A Malachi.

Don't get too close, he bites.

Our most flattering picture EVER!

I would love this picture if the glass wasnt so dirty.

I have the wingspan of a Bald Eagle.

Malachi... not so much.
Lemurs? Cant remember.
A sleepy bear.
The gibon. He's such a little showboat.

I feel a bond with this animal. For some reason, when I was little, I loved this corner of the zoo. It really smells like crap though.

Turtle Turtle.
A sleepy red fox/bear thing. He was very cute.
We went to the Butterfly garden, which was pretty cool. There was a sign to not touch the butterflies, but this little guy touched me, what could I do?


vmc said...

my favorite pic is the one of you and malachi with your faces smushed together...still the best looking animals in the zoo!

Taumi said...

love the wings span pics! And that sleepy black bears arms looking scarily unlike bear arms...more like a hairy person with claws like you might see in a bad 70's science fiction movie.