Monday, October 13, 2008

I never just write anymore for blogs. I think its because I never seem to have any time anymore. Which reminds me. You guys, I am soooo sorry about the book club right now. I will try to catch up this weekend.

Anyways, I thought I would share a story I was told today by a patient. Her granddaughter was invited to a wedding over the weekend in montana. Yes, the place that got somewhere around 36 inches of snow over the weekend. And it was, of course, an outdoor wedding. All of the bridesmaids were in strapless gowns (well, actually, my patient said that she was told they were in "topless" gowns, but that she was told this story by a man, and that he doesnt know what he's talking about). Apparently her granddaughter went to a store to look for long underwear and saw all of the bridesmaids there looking for the same thing. They ended up moving the wedding into a nearby barn and found a couple of heaters. But they must have had a generator because there was no electricity and no water "but there were two Biffy's outside". Anyways, have you ever seen "The Horse Whisperer" with Robert Redford and Scarlett Johanssen as a little girl? Well the wedding was in the barn from that movie. Which I guess is kinda cool in way, or at least makes for a good story for the two little lovebirds that got married there.

Well, I hope everyone had a good Columbus Day! And no, I STILL dont know if I have the time off in November. I'm so irritated with my job right now I dont even know where to start. Maybe with the 7 hours I put in on saturday? Or that I was scheduled late today with patients? I'm gonna stop before I start venting again. I think Malachi and my parents are getting REALLY sick of hearing about it. I'm not even that upset about it. And the reason is because I'm way too tired to be upset about it.

Oh, another thing. Whoever the heck Matt Sundeck is, my new phone number used to be his. And the collections agency is looking for him. And they call me EVERY SINGLE DAY!!! They leave messages EVER SINGLE DAY. And I've repeatedly told them to stop calling me, and everytime they actually act suprised. I think I scared the last girl that called me.

And because I dont want to leave this blog just whining and complaining. I'll figure out something else to talk about. Oh I know. I have this one patient who I have been seeing for quite some time and her last appointment is on friday. And she told me that I have to make a pie crust from scratch before her last visit. So, here goes nothing!


vmc said...

That's so funny that you posted just a talking blog, because I have been thinking about that lately too! It's just so much easier to post stuff, rather than lots of words. Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about the collection agency hassel...that really sucks! Because they can be relentless, and they probably think you're lying when you say that it's not his phone anymore.

Taumi said...

I thought there was going to be more to that sort of ended abruptly. But I thought the topless gowns comment was hilarious. Such a man thing to say.