Friday, October 3, 2008

the new and improved Date Night

Well, I guess I wouldnt say 'improved'. All the date nights are great. But we have started doing something. I found a list of good restaurants in the Twin Cities. So we are picking from the list for our date nights now.
The first place was Mai Village. A vietnemese restaurant in a shady part of town. But boy was the food good! When you walk in, a hostess takes you back to the seating area by walking over a wooden bridge that is over a pond with fish in it. It's really cool. And it's not expensive either believe it or not. Unless you are Malachi and buy yourself a meal for now and another for later.

And the serving dishes were so cute! The were like, robin's egg blue. I would have bought them for my own house.

On the other side of the street was this sign.

Our second adventure was Red's Savoy Pizza. When I took my leftover's to work the next day I was waiting in line at the microwave and this lady walks up to me and says "Is that Savoy's??" Which I thought was very weird. First because it looks like pizza, not any unique kind of pizza, just pizza. Second, because although it was some good eats, Malachi and I both prefer Davanni's more (or Brick's which is a really good pizza place in Hudson that makes pizza's comparable to that outdoor pizza place, but we decided that that pizza is on a whole other level).

I didnt get a picture of the food. But I guess when Malachi ordered two veggies, one without cheese, our waitress was appalled at the thought.

Next week is Obento-ya. A Japanese place that is supposed to be awesome.

I think I need help. Most of my blogs are about food.


vmc said...

yeah, Ryan and I did a similar thing with the restaraunts in our area (and there are about a million) was great, until we went broke and got fat.

Taumi said...

I love food blogs so keep them coming. I cannot even tell you how good that food in the first picture looks to me right now! I don't think I will be able to think about anything else...darn it!