Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pecan Pie

I made my second pie ever last night, and it had to be pecan. And it's my first pie CRUST ever that I made. Probably my last too. Not that it was a horrible experience, just that it is completely unnecessary.


vmc said...

I would like to take a bite out of my computer screen right now, but I think the yumminess of the pie will somehow get lost in translation through cyberspace...

Lyndsey baked a pie
It was her second try
With pecans she made it
With gladness she ate it
And I could only look on and sigh.

Miriam said...

wow, to your pie and vanessa's poem

Taumi said...

very beautiful and I agree with the unnecessariness of crust making but I am not that good at tasting the difference with sweet treats.