Monday, November 3, 2008

October 31st

First off, this was a funny part of Ellen...

Here are a couple pictures from Halloween at work. We were M&M's. Not the best costumes...but whatever. At least we did SOMETHING. Anyways, here is what I look like at work with minimal makeup and hairstyling:

And for some irritating reason, I can't move my pictures around, so these are all out of order, but here we go...

Our pumpkins:

(above: alyssa, me, jonny, malachi)

Playing Taboo...

More Taboo...

Mario carving a guitar into a pumpkin...

The pirate carving a pumpkin:

Randomly placed in the blog, here is Daisy dressed as a pumpkin:

And Dylan as a pumpkin:

The Cowgirl:

Our hosts in their brand new house:

(in my house)
Holla at ya playa!
"It's a me! A Mario!"
All lit up!


Taumi said...

I LOVE that you guys were Mario and Luigi! Ah, so cool! And so funny that you are the taller, skinny one. And might I say, Way to go on being more creative with costumes than Jonny and Alyssa! hehe

Miriam said...

too cute! nicely done with the mario and luigi costumes:)

vmc said...

Did you guys put those costumes together yourselves? They're awesome! You two are so flippin cute. And I agree with Taumi on the creative comment. And your pumpkin kicked butt! It looks so wise and old and friendly.