Wednesday, December 3, 2008

22 More Days

We've been decorating!
Remember my awesome wooden bowl?

My dad made this manger

Our centerpiece

And there's the pictures I was telling T and V about.

And the tree! (yes, the dogs have little stocking with little paw prints on them)


vmc said...

pretty, pretty, pretty! thanks for showing us the pics on the wall, too. It would be SO easy to just retake the one of the house corner and put your dad in it this time. and it's funny that the one with jeremy is in the snow :)

Taumi said...

Everything looks beautiful...especially the tree. It all fits so well with your decor and where your house is located.

Taumi said...

Oh, I think I know why the one with Jeremy has're in different seasons. Mom-Fall, Lyndsey-Summer, Jeremy-Winter.

Lyndsey said...

Youre right Taumi! Except I'm spring (not that that is really different from summer anyways). My dad will be summer because he's gonna be on his lawn mower. Which means he's not gonna be up on the wall until next year.

vmc said...

ahhhh...makes sense :)