Monday, December 22, 2008

3 More Days!!! (Can you believe it?)

Christmas in Chicago
With Preeti!!

The week before last I went to Chicago for a class. It was actually alot of fun (the trip. The class was just really tiring and intense). I had such a good time catching up with Preeti. She has a really nice (and HUGE) apartment. She helped me travel around Chicago by bus, which I would have had alot of trouble trying to do on my own. However, I paid with change all the time which was awkward and funny most of the time due to my trying to maneuver change with mittens and paying with 80 nickels for one of the trips. But its a good thing it was a short trip, because that was getting old already. I saw where Preeti works (the same place my class was) and met alot of the people she works with. We made a deal that I would have to come back in the summer sometime and NOT have a class to go to, so that we can actually hang out in Chicago.

I did forget how bad traffic in Chicago is though. I was on a ONE LANE onramp getting onto the interstate. The traffic was bumper to bumper. So I wasnt holding up the line, I was simply in the middle of cars. Well, the guy behind me to my left proceeds to pass me in my lane (because it was the only lane). I was shocked by that at first, but then I realized I was being passed on my right at the same time. In ONE lane! THEN the person behind the passer-guy on my left started to follow that guy to pass me. I dont know where these cars even thought they were going. Traffic was barely moving! I didnt let that guy pass me though. By then I had gotten over my schock and turned on my city-driving mode.

What a bunch of crazies.


vmc said...

That's crazy (the driving thing)! and it's funny, because somebody tried doing the same thing to me about a month ago...except i was going fast down the onramp, trying to get to speed before getting on the interstate, and some fool tried to go even faster and pass me on the ONE LANE RAMP! Jeez, what's up with people, huh?

Did you see the famous Weinachtsmarkt in Chicago (the big Christmas Market)? I learned about it in my German class. It looks amazing. I'm glad you had a safe and fun trip.

And no, I CAN'T believe only three days left till Christmas. But I can't wait, either!

Taumi said...

3 days reallly?! Holy smokes.

And yes, what a bunch of crazies!