Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve!!

It's an unspoken tradition in my family to open gifts on Christmas Eve. We like to think that we dont do that every year, but in all honesty we do. And its because none of us can wait that one more day.

Well, considering I wrote this blog on Sunday (oh the bliss of scheduled blog posts), I have not yet opened gifts yet with my family. However, Malachi and I did partially exchange gifts.

The lovely couple...
A picture of us taken with my amazing new camera. This man of mine not only bought me an awesome camera, but he bought me a screen protector for it, a battery, memory cards, a carrying case, and (because he knows me way too well apparently) a 3 year warranty!

And here he poses with his new itouch. Not quite as cool as my camera, but he seems to like it.


vmc said...

Jeez, you guys have expensive tastes, hahaha! My gifts to you are so meager in comparison...hey, kind of like the little drummer boy, right? :)

Oh, and my family always does gifts on Christmas Eve, too. We had an excuse though - it was to grandmother's house we'd go on Christmas Day. So what are you doing on Christmas?

Taumi said...

I agree with Vanessa! You guys are the techy couple.

We always wait til morning because there is nothing more fun than being so excited that you all wake up early and open gifts in the dusk of dawn! We don't usually do it that early any more.