Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mirror Mirror On the Wall...

Okay, if you want my full review, go look at my comments on V's blog...

Whoever this girl is, I think she's adorable and I liked her dress (from most angles, haha).

Okay, dont get me wrong here, I by no means think that Rumor Willis looked good. However, her dress was one of my favorites.

And I like Heidi Klum's dress. Her and her gargantuan flower.

In this little collage, I wanted to point out that I liked Bullock, Demi, and the girl on the far right. None hit me as spectacular, but honorable mentions nonetheless.
And now for the "REALLY?!?!" With Seth and Amy... hehe (SNL joke for those of you that dont catch SNL).
REALLY J-Lo?!!?!
And I saw this comparison on another blog, and I have to admit, I agree:

And this wasnt the Golden Globes, but I wanted to give Paris recognition for her dress. IF she had been to the Golden Globes and worn this (maybe she did, I dont know), this would have been my favorite of the night.


vmc said...

Haha, "REALLY, J-LO?" Too funny. And I completely agree about Paris Hilton's almost looks like something a queen or princess would wear on some royal occasion. Out of the montage you put up, I think my favorite is Vanessa Hudgen's dress (far left). And I like Heidi Klum's dress, would be very forgiving around the waistline, haha!

Taumi said...

I agree with all! I loved Demi's dress. And Pari's electric blue concoction was truly magnificent because the design of the dress was so demure, but the color is an irreverent match.