Sunday, January 4, 2009


So I've decided to embrace the fact that yes, I actually DO like making resolutions. I like making lists (can I get an Amen, Taumi? haha), and I like making To Do lists even more!
So, I just looked at my 2008 list of resolutions and am almost too embarrassed to post them. I remembered them, that wasnt the problem. I just didnt do well.

  1. Go to Church 1x/month
    So, I can't believe I couldnt accomplish this. But to be a little nicer to myself, I did do better than 2007.
  2. Finish scrapbook
    Again, call me a failure. I worked on it a little, but on top of time consuming, it can get expensive. However, I recognize excuses for what they are and I need to buckle down and get this sucker DONE!
  3. Take at least half of the pictures on my list
    Ya, who was I kidding?


So after 3/3 failures, you would think I would be doubtful about my ability to carry through with more for 2009. But no. Instead, I went absolutely CRAZY and made so many resolutions!

  1. Go to church every weekend
    If I'm unable to make it, I still should listen to a sermon online. And I've already done well by going to church yesterday! Starting off with a bang!

  2. Drink more water
    As in, 8 glasses a day.

  3. Try a new recipe once a month
    Again I'm already doing well. I made the pancakes in Vegan with a Vengeance on New Years for Malachi. I substituted the maple syrup with agave nector. They were good. Fairly dense though, but I like that they have cinnamon in them!

  4. Finish reading the bible
    Malachi and I have just started Hebrews, so I don't think its asking too much of us to finish it this year! For goodness sakes, I've been reading this bible straight through for over 10 years now! Taumi is putting me to SHAME that she read the bible in a year!

  5. Work out at least 3 days a week
    Starting today (since the year started midweek). And I did me some walk/jogging and core work.

  6. Finish scrapbook
    It's on my list again this year and I have a plan for finishing it. I'll get more into that in a minute.

  7. Revise old scrapbooks
    Once I've finished that massive scrapbook, my plan is to go through all of my old ones and put photos back in where I have stolen photos from. Once I've done that, I will be DONE FOREVER! And besides this simple ongoing travel scrapbook that I've been doing (of Malachi and my travels), I am just going to use online programs for photo books.

  8. Pay tithe
    Because I've been working for a year and a half and have been horrible at this.

  9. Write more
    I love writing and sometimes just get too lazy. So I dont know if you've noticed, but I've been writing a little more in my blogs lately. But that's not really the resolution, the resolution is just to write down little instances that happen to me more often. Maybe someday I will make a book, at least just for myself. I mean, last month, I was working with an inpatient when she lost consciousness, got all cold and dropped her dentures out of her mouth. The woman nearly died in my arms. One of the most frightening experiences I've had. And thats the kind of thing I should document.

  10. Play violin weekly
    Sigh. This one I already see myself failing at. Isnt that so bad?! Anyways, I've already played once this year. So I'm doing alright so far. And if I keep up with this, maybe in a couple months I'll pay for lessons... As scared of that as I am. And for no reason! Ah well. Anyways.

  11. Study spanish weekly
    My plan for this is to regularly read an article in spanish, like Liz in Eat, Pray, Love. Or translate my favorite spanish songs and sing along to them. You know, nice casual studying, basically just to keep the knowledge that I've learned, because its useful and I'm losing so much of it already.

  12. Take a picture every day
    This is my favorite resolution EVER! It's going to be a challenge, since I cant really take pictures at work, so after-work-pictures will start to get pretty difficult in the creativity department. But so far so good. I'm keeping them in a file, so maybe at the end of the year I will put them on flickr or something for you guys to see.


So how am I planning on accomplishing all of this? Not to mention the new 24 things to do between Malachi and I (which I've posted below per request)? Well, I am going to do a monthly update to hold myself accountable. Not of the 24 things to do, just of my resolutions. This may be boring for you guys, but it won't mean as much if I just write it down in a notebook somewhere. So anyways, I'll try to make it interesting for you guys. Maybe I'll scan in scrapbook pages that I've done, or record myself playing violin, share my recipe trials. Who knows what. And if you still find it boring, then just dont bother reading those blogs! Haha. Anyways, here are the promised 24 things to do for this year! (alot are carried over if you couldnt tell)

  1. Canoe down the St. Croix
  2. Snowboard
  3. Lay out under the stars
  4. Sailing
  5. Camp near Lake Superior (Vanessa? Ryan? eh??)
  6. Play music together
  7. Sledding
  8. Ride horses
  9. Learn a dance
  10. Christian concert
  11. Bike trail (dont ask me why we are doing this to ourselves AGAIN!)
  12. Go to a waterfall (thats better than Willow River Falls)
  13. Morel mushroom hunt
  14. Kayaking
  15. Horse Polo Classic
  16. Botanical gardens
  17. Lebanon Regional Park
  18. Como Zoo
  19. Start the Ice Age Trail (hiking)
  20. Film a movie (a short one obviously)
  21. Go to the Titanic exhibit at the Science Museum
  22. Watch a movie at Summer Tuesdays
  23. Go to the Red Wing toy store (hey, speaking of, does Ryan know where this is? It apparently has all the old toys in it that new toy stores dont sell anymore)
  24. Taste of Minnesota
  25. And I'm not sure why we actually have 25....But, the Centennial Lakes Art Fest


Miriam said...

Man, that's a crazy awesome list!
I resolve to make some better resolutions, cause dang...

Taumi said...

AMEN on the lists! I keep like a journal of lists...I know, I'm a little OCD.

I can teach you guys a dance! A nice slow line dance or something.

That toy store sounds amazing.

This post makes me feel very un-ambitious. Oh, by the way, don't feel bad about the finishing the Bible thing because I didn't make it. I did very well the first 8 months. I'll finish it soon though. That should be my resolution.