Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's the freakin weekend baby!

And we had us some fun!

On friday night we went to a Bebo Norman/Jeremy Camp concert at this huge huge HUGE mega church. The concert made me like Bebo alot more and Jeremy Camp a bit less (before I was indifferent to him, but now I am aware that I'm not a fan).

Here's a picture of the stage while Bebo is talking. (seriously, who names their kid Bebo?)

Here he is again. Probably talking about helping children or being the change you want to see. He had a quite a few good things to say. And they were especially good because he seems very genuine.

Then the lights went off and Jeremy Camp came out. Truly very entertaining. Mostly because of the comments Malachi was making about church services and zombie movies. Or mega church services.

Jeremy Camp really likes having lots of lights in all sorts of colors swirling all around the stage from the spotlights.

Here's a video of part of the entertainment. (sorry it's so dark)

Then on sunday (that's today), I had my first snowboarding lesson.

I had a very good teacher...

Am I convincing as a snowboarder?

And here's another shot of my instructor (who I had a major crush on the entire time)

Turns out he kinda liked me too!


vmc said...

I hope Malachi didn't get fired for canoodling with a customer :)

And you look like the cutest little snowboarder that side of the Rockies...

vmc said...

By the way, I'm only pages away from finishing Life of Pi. I read it until 2:30 this morning! I couldn't stop, and it's not even like the story is that fast-paced. So I am going to finish it tonight, I'm sure.

Taumi said...

I like the snowboarding story...cute!

I just barely started Life of Pi! I got through the first section. Love it, but no where near finished like Ness.