Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oklahoma - Where the wind comes sweepin down the plain

Last weekend my family and I migrated south.
On friday we were in Custer City, the birthplace of this lovely picture. The problem with this picture? That it is actually from what I think may be the reason for my irrational ichthyophobia (fear of fish).
The reason being...

Oh the memories I had swimming in that pool. When it was NOT a catfish breeding ground.

Speaking of breeding grounds, my grandma's yard is infested with gophers. The little buggers even dug up through the gravel driveway!

My uncle Mike has two calves right now.

My mom and I went in her old barn.

And there we found the chickies!

Continuing our walk around the farm...

This is the Steiger my mom drove when she was little. The "Cougar". The one in the distance with the tires off is the "Panther".

As soon as I held the camera up, these two ran. Like mother, like daughter.

A taste of downtown Custer City, OK.

Who am I kidding? That is not just a taste of. That's quite a significant portion of it.

On Saturday we we to Hollis.
This is my cute little cousin, Jack Daniel.

He's just over a year, but he's such a little man. Haha.
My dad and his family (dad, mom, sister, brother)
Grandma, Grandpa and the grandkids (minus two). Jeremy and I had to control the youngens. (Jack was trying to get away and Tristan was trying to bunny ear grandpa)
The Daniel Men.
My mom's side of the family, as shown in one photo above, are obviously not as much for photo shoots as my dad's side. Hence the lack of Lovelace family photos.
And sorry I didnt tell you I'd be in Lincoln, Taumi. I was only there from 2 AM to 8 AM one day and then just a half hour at 3ish on another day. But I felt close!
And that was the end of the trip. Just a weekend in OK. And we DROVE. We are insane I tell ya.


vmc said...

Wow, what a fun little weekend vacation! Lyndsey, it's so cool to see pictures of you with the family that we only know through legend. That little Jack Daniel is a cutie-pie... I really like that picture with the gopher hills, it's cartoony and therefore funny. And that pool looks nightmarish! Now I understand you a little bit better...

Taumi said...

I love the pictures of the cows. I don't know why, I guess I think they are cute. And Jeremy looks so cute holding that little guy. He really shoudl get married and have kids.