Thursday, March 12, 2009

A few of my favorite places to travel

On the internet, that is.
Now, I look at an obscene number of blogs. It's really too many to be considered healthy, haha. But here are a few of my very favorite ones (besides the blogs of my amigas of course!).
  • desiretoinspire - decor - I love how very many pictures this woman puts up every single day, and always there's a good idea among them.
  • This Young House - decor - At first I didn't like this blog, I'm not quite sure why and I stopped reading it, but somehow I found myself back at it several months later, and now here it is as one of my favorites.
  • One Pretty Thing - crafts - If I'm ever at a loss, I can just check out this page and weed through the many many pictures for some craft idea. This blog does all the work and posts crafts from all sorts of websites, so I don't have to search several different websites on my own.
  • My Life in Transition - I'm not quite sure why I love this blog so much. Is it because she is a PT and her hubby is going to school to be one? Loves photography? Scrapbooks? Her dog? Lives in WI and hates the winters? I guess I feel a kinship with her. But also, she's an amusing writer, and I love how one day she was sitting on her couch watching Oprah, heard that Oprah ran a marathon, and thought to herself, 'If Oprah can do it, I sure could.' So she started training, her main beat Oprah's time. And then she did! Sure I feel a little like a loser for having such a one-sided, stalker-like relationship with this person, but whatev. I still like the blog.
  • Rockstar Diaries - I have nothing in common with this girl, I just think she has such a cute life. Though her obsession with McDonald's is something else.
  • Le Love - Every once in a while this blog has a disturbing photo, but overall, I like it. It posts a picture almost daily to display love (though, most of them show more of the passion side).
  • Feather - fashion - This blog combines fashion and weather to creat 'feather'. This girl checks the weather report for every week day and creates an outfit for it.


Vanessa said...

I will confess that you are not alone in your blog obsession. I don't even want to think about how many hours I've spend (wasted) reading blogs. I just looked at all the ones you listed. I really like your descrip of Life in Transition! You're a funny little stalker (not really a stalker, though... I mean, people blog on the WORLD WIDE web KNOWING that they are exposing their lives to total strangers. Do you ever think if any random strangers like to read our blogs? I think my blog is too boring and inconsistent to get a random-stranger-following!). Anyway, that girl in that blog and you pretty much almost have the same life. Except that your dogs are cuter. Oh, and I really like that Nieman Marcus video in the Rockstar Diaries blog. And I've added Feather and This Young House to my blog list. I might start a blog list on my own blog just so you guys can see what I'm wasting my time with too :)

naomi megan. said...

thanks for the link! have a lovely weekend.

CRAZY girl who loves mcdonalds.

Lyndsey said...

Ya, I've wondered if I have anybody reading my blog that I dont know. But I'm pretty sure I don't. For exactly the same reasons you said. Although, I do have two 'followers' who I have no clue who they are. But I'm pretty sure they are following me just as an effort to have more links to their own site.

Taumi said...

I really like the Rockstar girl. I have a long list of favorites I check on once a week. I think a couple of them you would really like: