Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I splurged on myself!

I bought myself a new pack. It was on sale, but still a bit pricey. But I dont splurge on myself very often, so it's well rationalized, haha.

I tried to fill it a little to show what it really looks like, but I didnt do a very good job. It's really cool though!

It has tons of compartments with lots of different ways to get into the pack. And isnt it purdy?

But the coolest part is this screen. It holds the pack out away from your back so that air can get through between the two ( equals less sweatinesss). There are also some ventilating holes in all of the straps.
Anyways, I love it! And can't wait to use it!


Miriam said...

Wowee! You rock!
And how come it still says my last blog was 5 weeks ago? Bunk like a bed!

Lyndsey said...

1st of all, I love 'bunk like a bed' hahahahaha! And 2nd, I've been wondering the same thing about your blog. I think I'm just gonna switch it back to being a list of blogs instead of a blogroll, because it annoys me that it doesnt update your blog!

Vanessa said...

Awesome! So now when are me and Ryan and you and Malachi gonna take our trip to South America? You're obviously ready for it! :)