Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's my bag, baby

So I thought I'd do a blog about what is in my purse as I clean my purse out tonight.

Here is everything, purse included.
Let's explore left to right...
I have every writing utensil known to man. Pens, pencil, highlighter, tide pen. I had my ipod and the case. The ipod wasnt even in the case though, alot of good that did. I have my camera (the case is shown, but I couldnt take a picture of my camera, since I need it to take the picture, obviously). I have several coupons flying around freely in my purse. The rest are where they are supposed to be, in my wallet. I have hand lotion, a big bottle of advil, my check book, a notepad. I always need a notepad in my purse. Two burt's bees chapsticks. And why the heck are all of these broken candy canes in my purse?!

Moving to the right side, there's the wallet, a pack of gum, my calendar/day planner (I only use the monthly calendar part, I'm not organized or disciplined enough to use a day planner. Actually, I'm not even exciting enough, my life doesnt have too many appointments in it). My phone that everyone thinks is a blackberry. No people, its not. But thanks for thinking I'm that 'hip'. I have a post-it note of the title of a local dance lesson company that some patient at work gave me. A picture (baseball card style) of "Sasha", a therapy dog that visited our department on thursday for a talk about all the things a therapy dog can be used for (more than I had imagined). A few receipts from County Market, and a butt load of empty gum wrappers.
Well, this was helpful because now I have a clean purse!


Miriam said...

haha, I was just looking at that picture and thinking "I didn't know she had a blackberry?!" Nice.

Taumi said...

Wow, that's a whole lotta stuff! I should do one and show you how little in camparison I have. But, mine really isn't fair because I don't carry my purse on a daily basis. My work bag has a lot more in it.

Candy canes? lol

Vanessa said...

I LITERALLY have the same assortment of pens... pens, pencils, the same highlighter, and the same Tide-to-go my purse! I just took a picture to prove it, but you can't upload pics in the comments section.

I love that you have broken candy canes in your purse! That made me laugh!

Anonymous said...

NO offense to your blog, but I think it says a lot about me and how much I how much of a life I have, that I'm interested in what is in your purse and that I enjoyed it. I think I should carry a tide pen now, I'm kinda messy.

lyndsey said...

Hahaha. You crack me up, Kate!