Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looking Back

I was looking through old photos when I came across one that got me thinking, did I ever tell my friends about this? So I am going to tell you know, regardless of if you know or not.
Now, you all are most likely aware that I lived in Jamestown, NY for a couple of months. I lived in free housing, a block from work. Pretty ideal. I had several roommates while I was there. None of them had as long of internships as I did, so they shuffled through quickly. And they were all from Buffalo, so they went home on the weekends. So every weekend, I was alone. Which actually, I enjoyed. I'm not big on having roommates, so I liked the peace and quiet and freedom to do my own thing. However...every so often, this darn door would be cracked open. And after a while living in this house, I decided to see what that door was to. Well, it was to the attic. So I put myself in explorer mode and I walked up the stairs. I looked around at the old junk for a minute until turning to my right and seeing this:
A bed, complete with blankets. A set of drawers by the bed (that off white object behind the screen to the right in the picture), and a window that is obviously not securely shut.
Ah, yes. As soon as the sun went down that night, I was in my bedroom with the door locked, trying to get my mind off what my eyes had seen. Sure, I was letting my imagination get the best of me. But honestly, what would be the purpose of that bed and dresser up in the attic? When we had more roommates than beds, we were told to pull the cot out of the closet. No mention of an attic, no mention of more mattresses.
Ya, it was probably only Bucky Phillips...remember me talking about him? Check out the timeline at the bottom of that page. I was there from the end of August until the beginning of October. I remember one day at work when we only had one patient and that was a patient who was in the hospital already. None of our other patients could make it through the checkpoints!
Oh memories :)


Vanessa said...

FREAKY! Do you really think he stayed there?

It's usually cool to find a hidden room in a house... but I guess in your case it was pretty creepy, haha!

The door was cracked open because he was probably watching you.

Taumi said...

Creepy. Atleast you know he only kills policemen. So whether or not it was Bucky, someone was probably sneaking through the window to sleep there at night.

How far into your stay there did you find this? I don't think I could have lived there after that.

Lyndsey said...

No, I dont really think Bucky stayed there, but I really do think somebody did! And I don't really remember at what point I discovered that. Probably around halfway through? I'm not sure. Ya, I think I would pray myself to sleep sometimes to ease my mind!

Miriam said...

crazy creepy. Dang you woman, I still have to sleep tonight!