Monday, April 6, 2009

Garden Fever!

So, due to being stuck in 30-40 degree weather and still having snowy days here and there, and the yearning inside of me for actual spring to arrive, I am taking things into my own hands. I've begun gardening. Inside, but still exciting!
The pictures right now are a little less than exciting, but I will have updates soon! I planted 6 herbs. Oregano, Cilantro, Lavender, Thyme, Sweet Basil and Organic Sweet Basil (so kind of 5 herbs...)

I really miss my basil from last year (it had a sad death, not my fault, but i wont get into it). So I'm starting again this year and making a whole herb garden at the same time!

What I am also VERY excited about is my very first endeavor to grow FLOWERS. Besides marigolds (and they dont count), I've never planted flowers before. My goal is to plant Peonies outside this spring. But I'm restless and decided to plant some Zinnias.

Here is a picture of all the packets, so that you dont feel like the only pictures you saw were of a bunch of dirt.
I'm so excited! There's something about the smell of soil and getting your hands dirty and planting seeds to create something...I just love it and it makes me so happy!


Vanessa said...

It IS exciting! Hopefully this summer I will get to see your plants in person! :)

Kate said...

I'm not a gardener and probably have less experience than you, but I have the urge as well. I want to plant an herb garden along with veggies and flowers. I might have to start a little late though, I'm to busy with school to really get into it.

Taumi said...

I want to plant some peonie bushes too...I hope they are not hard to grow and don't take years to reach maturity. I like zinnias. I got a pot and seeds ready for planting poppies. My list of vegetables to grow this summer keeps getting longer as well. I have to figure out how to keep the rabbits away!

Lyndsey said...

ya, peonies take 3 years to germinate. So I'm going to try to buy a bush and then plant that. You are supposed to plant them in the fall, but I might chance it. I just bought a book about Peonies and one about how to keep year-long color in your garden. They just arrived in the mail yesterday and I havent had time to look in them yet. My dad and I went to a greenhouse/store on sunday and there were poppies EVERY where! That's all they had in the greenhouse. Then in the store it was azalia and easter lily central. No peonies though, not yet.

Lyndsey said...

Oh ya, AND ants love them. So it's best to keep them away from the house or else the ants may crawl into the house and find other things they love!