Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm trying hard to turn my thumb green!

It's finally warm enough (and by that I mean upper 50's) to go lay on the hammock and read. One of my most favorite things in the world to do. But what I actually want to do, is talk more about my gardening adventures.

First, a visual update on the Zinnias (now sporting FOUR leaves):

And the herbs (the bottom right is a late bloomer, just recently having 4 little guys come up):

But something more exciting is happening.
I've planted Peonies!

They take 3 years for the seeds to germinate. So I got these roots. I'm not too optimistic. I mean, I'm starting them inside and they were a little confusing when I planted them. But I'll keep my fingers crossed!

So they are in the basement. The packages didnt say when to expect to see any growth, so I'll just wait not-so-patiently, checking and watering daily!


Kate said...

You take such refreshing pictures, I love the bright greenness of the zinnias with the jar on the window, glinting in the sun. So beautiful.

Taumi said...

Starting peonies inside in a pot is a good idea...never knew you could do that. Wish I had some good window ledges or to the floor windows like you do. I don't think plants inside my apt. can get much sun.