Monday, May 4, 2009

April '09

Is April already gone and done? I didnt do
too much last month except for the highlight
of going up to the North Shore. But anyways,
let's see how I managed...

1. Going to church- PASS
2. Drinking water- The first couple of days I
did wonderful, but ultimately, this is a
3. Making a new recipe- PASS. I made that
recipe Vanessa e-mailed out probably YEARS
ago, Pasta E Fagioli.
I also made Fried Zuchinni Ribbons,
Baked cinnamon apples
And some really really yummy chocolate chip cookies!

4. Read the bible- PASS
5. Working out- PASS
6. Scrapbook- PASS. And here are some evidence. But first, here is one of the reasons I don't get around to this very often:
And also, this is why one of my dreams is to have a craft room/office. I've got it all designed out in my head (and on my computer as well somewhat). But to have a little organization to the madness? To not have to pull everything out of a bucket and then put it all back in? To not have to chase the dogs away from the permanent markers and glue? Ah, it will be pure bliss :)

7. Revising the old scrapbooks- PASS
8. Tithe- FAIL, I just have the hardest time
9. Writing- PASS
10. Violin- FAIL.
11. Spanish- FAIL. Man, am I ever horrible at
those two. And thanks for that suggestion
for Spanish pod or whatever that was, but if
I can't get myself to study it once a month
even, then there is no way I am going to pay
money for my studies at this point.
12. Taking a photo every day. PASS. Here's
some highlights:

Bark and light, two favorite things to play with on my camera.

A dog by a fire hydrant? How can you not take a picutre?

Oh flats, how I love you.

And I love this picture, because It looks black and white, but i promise you, it's in color.

8 Passes to 4 fails. Much better than last month.
IT'S MAY!!! Finally a month I can depend on
for at least a few warm days! What will this
month bring for me? Malachi and I are
planning to go to the drive in theater, Barb
is coming at the end of the month, and I will
be planting the garden! Take care friends!


Taumi said...

I love fried zuchinni!When did Vanessa e-mail that recipe? I don't remember it.

Miriam said...

I like that pic of your flats:)

Miriam said...

and the pic of the bark and the pasta. mmmm.