Monday, August 17, 2009


Hello my lovely friends!
I have been a pretty insufficient blogger lately. I've been so insanely busy though. Work is keeping me late most nights too, but I won't get into that. I just got back from Montana yesterday afternoon and on friday I head to Nebraska. I find it interesting( and somewhat exhausting) that this summer I'll have been to MT, NE, and ND. And two of those, just for a weekend!
Wedding planning has kept me pretty busy though. I have a dress! And still not completely nailed down the location. That should happen wednesday, hopefully. I can't wait to get married. Often I will wish that I am already married. One of the many reasons being, so that when Malachi and I go home, we drive in the same direction. But now that I have actually started planning the wedding, I think, "I can't wait to be married...wait...I can't wait to GET married!" I'm so excited for our wedding! For our honeymoon! For our new home! And for our being able to be together every day!
Speaking of...we went and looked at some condos the other day. It gets me so extremely excited to think about having new living quarters of our own! But that has to be on hold for several more months. The current plan (and our plans are always subject to change by the second) is a townhome in Woodbury. Mostly because of our babies who need a backyard to play in!
I have to keep reminding myself of one thing though. I need to enjoy what I have right now, while I can. I love my parents and will miss dearly this privilege of spending time with them everyday. I have very good priced rent (and I know what some of you are thinking. No, I do not live here for free). I always have dogsitters when I run off to all of the far-from-exotic places I run off to. I have furniture! Ha ha. So I guess I'm saying life is good, and I'm excited beyond excited for the future!
Well, I hope I didn't just bore you to death! I guess I just felt the need to ramble a little. Have a great week!


Miriam said...

awww, this was a great blog:) I'm excited for you to get married too! The feeling of starting your own place together is great - and so is saying goodbye to all the long distance. Even though you aren't technically that long of a distance, you know what I mean. Congrats my friend!

Taumi said...

It wasn't boring! I am excited thinking about your excitedness and all the fun new things you are looking forward too.