Tuesday, September 22, 2009

bad hair day

I straighten my hair everyday for work.
It's the quickest way to look like I didnt just slide out of bed, which I probably did.

This weekend my straightener broke. I mean, it REALLY broke. We are talking a complete forfeit from my trusty ole friend in this long battle against my mane. So anyways, I am not quite sure yet if I want to invest in a new nice one that maybe has more than one trick up its sleeve, or if I want to just go grab a cheapy to hold me over for a little while.

So in this time of limbo, here I am, in the work week. Yesterday was Monday. Now, I usually shower the night before (reason 1 being...I just spent a day in a hospital and don't like the thought of what I may have all over me, and reason 2...I have a hard time getting out of bed early enough in the morning to get a shower in).
After my shower, my hair gets tied up on the top of my head in any sort of a tangled mess to keep the wetness out of my face and off my neck. Then, when I go to sleep, I let my bumped/crimped/mess down for me to sleep on and create even more of a disaster. The next morning, I straighten...but wait, that's right, it broke.

So like I was saying, yesterday was Monday. Day 1 Without Straightener. I put my hair up in a pony tail. I've only done this for work about 2 other times in the 2 years I've worked here. And so I showed off a flat yet poofed and awkwardly crinkled ponytail. And what do you know, I got several, not just one or two, SEVERAL compliments on my hair. What?! These included "I like your hair like that!" and "You are just glowing today! I think its the ponytail" and many more. So today, not feeling like I can go two days in a row with the pony tail business, despite the apparent obsession. Well, today I decide to CURL my hair! Something I have never done for work. It's a little more time consuming, but I'll survive. And the feedback?

Not a single word.
So my life lesson this week...I guess I'll just have to wear my hair in a ponytail for my wedding, it seems to be the biggest hit?


Angie S said...

haha that figures! maybe you could go curly with half up and that would really throw them off!this could be an interesting social experiment...

Missy Anderson said...

hmmm, curly and no comments? interesting... Ever tried scrunching with mousse? or braiding?

btw, i love reading your blogs. :) they are definitely funny and entertaining. thanks for that!

Taumi said...

lol, I think curled is my favorite and you didn't get even one comment? That must have been SOME ponytail! ;)

Stephen said...

See this is where pictures would have been awesome! :)

I'm so sorry people didn't compliment you on your hard work that sucks.

Miriam said...

I kinda like when you wear a pony tail. Ya look so young and springy. But... curly hair and straight hair rock too:)