Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I could have danced, danced, danced! All Night!

I love me a good musical.  It's true.  And probably not too much of a suprise.  Here is my list, in a rough ascending order from least to most. 

Disclaimer: Now, I didnt spend alot of time on this, so I may have missed a few, and some of them I didnt know where to put on the list so they just kind of got thrown in.

Starting with 3 soundtracks of NON-musicals:
3.  Amelie
Who doesn't love that happy little music?

2. French Kiss
Just because.

1.  Garden State
This soundtrack will always bring me back to my first year of PT school.

Now, moving on to actual musicals!!!

15. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Because it is plumb ridiculous.

14.  Robin Hood
This doesnt get watched by me as much as it deserves to.

13. My Fair Lady
Annoying and charmind all at the same time.

12.  Enchanted
I love it.  A movie that can make fun of Disney classics and still have a classic appeal of its own.

11. Wizard of Oz
I think I've seen every version of this known to man.  Even the insane Michael Jackson one.

10.  Hairspray
I actually don't care that much for the movie.  Nor the entire soundtrack.  But there are parts of both that I like.  Why is it #11 then?  Because the songs that I like from this movie, I listen to more than those of the movies above.

9. The Little Mermaid
I don't think I could technically call myself a girl if this one wasn't on the list.

8.  Beauty and the Beast
My favorite Disney/Musical/Cartoon!

7.  Chicago
Sure, a little risque.  But well done.  And I love the last song/dance.  Well...I love all the songs/dances!

6.  Grease
Greased Lightenin'!!  Now I'm gonna have trouble getting that out of my head for the rest of the day.

5. The Sound of Music
I was just singing this to myself in the car on the way into work on friday.

4. Moulin Rouge
Ewan McGregor's voice.  Call me a fan.

3. Mamma Mia
I actually don't like the movie at all.  And I think Pierce Brosnan ruins every song he participates in.  And the fact that it made #3 on my list shows you how much I love listening to the soundtrack in spite of that!

2.  Newsies
I love this movie and its music and its dancing so much.  When I was little i would put the soundtrack in and have all my toy animals out on the floor and they would put on a Newsies concert.  I think I had the movie memorized.

1.  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
If any of you are suprised, then you need to enroll in Lyndsey101.

Off the screen, onto my favorite broadway soundtracks.  There is only one (that isnt a movie as well which would have been listed above), yet it is my favorite over all the others listed in this post...

I wish wish wish this would be made into a movie so that I wouldnt have to shell out 35+ dollars if I ever want to see it again.  :(

If you made it this far into my post, then you probably have a musical or two that you like yourself, what are your favorites?


Stephen said...

Good list! I actually like 7 brides for 7 brothers too. I remember my sister watching it like every day when I was little and it must have just grown on me.

Taumi said...

I cannot believe that you didn't like Hairspray or Mamamia! They are two of my favs! But I am right with you on Robin Hood! It's my favorite Disney, and I love the songs so much.

RKC said...

Mad props for putting Robin Hood on the list. Some time you should look at a movie called Robin and the 7 Hoods. Its old school with the rat pack. Also a good pic with Newsies!!