Monday, October 5, 2009

My Nutshell Weekend

* Went to church and was delighted to see they switched the announcements to AFTER the sermon! *

* Bought so many shoes, I'm too embarrassed to tell the number. (only Malachi knows) *

* Got good deals on alot of shoes. *

* Saw Vanessa and Ryan for movie and a meal before they run off to exotic places. (saw The Invention of Lying, ate Jimmy Johns) *

* Worked on wedding stuff! Alot! *

* Watched my Cowboys lose again :(  *

* Read a little of the books on my shelfari list. *

* Cleaned. *

* Made a mess again. *

* Went to the doctor for the yearly check-up. *

* Hung out in Minnetonka and watched The Brothers Bloom with my darling fiance. *

* Ate at Macaroni Grill with said fiance to find that the now offer olives at the table with their yummy bread! *

* Registered for wedding gifts. *

* Had a 3-day weekend, and somehow still feel the need for a vacation. *


Angie S said...

wow sounds like a busy weekend! how fun that you got lots of shoes AND olives at macaroni grill. which i didn't know they did that now... and what did you think of Invention of Lying?

Lyndsey said...

The Invention of Lying was okay, but not great. It took a weird turn that none of us saw coming. Have you seen it?

Stephen said...

* Ate at Macaroni Grill... to find that they now offer olives at the table with their yummy bread! *

Oh that's awesome. I wish they did that here.

* Watched my Cowboys lose again :( *

Yeah such a shame...

Taumi said...

I echo Stephen's wish for olives.

Wow, you did a lot in such a short time! And I totally want to see pics of the shoes. Don't feel bad, I bought two pairs over the weekend too.

Angie S said...

nope but i thought it looked...interesting. the last movie i saw in a theater was "the time travelor's wife." i'm a sucker for the chick flicks. :)