Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fitness Review x 3

So it's no secret that I like this team called the Dallas Cowboys.  Right?  So when I heard their cheerleaders had 3 workout videos, that was something I had to look into.  Were they going to be an embarrassment to the team?  Were they going to make me look like a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader?  Haha.  Check out my reviews below!

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Calorie Blasting Dance

You won't need anything except a little time.

This workout DVD will succeed every time in making you lose some brain cells. The cheerleaders all talk through the whole thing which is a little distracting at first, but then you learn to just ignore everything they say. This is because they say words such as "major" "ya'll" "sassy" "catwalk" and their favorite BY FAR is..."Sexy Walk!" Oh my goodness. The sexy walk. At first I didn't think they were serious, but yes, in fact they are.

Each cheerleader has a dance move to teach you, and I think it lost all credibility (if it had any to begin with) when it got to "Kandi's Bump and Pop!".
I'm not kidding.

Also, they do some really bad movements for your neck as well. So if you ever do this video, please don't hurt your neck!

Verdict?  I would not recommend this DVD.


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders - Hard Body Boot Camp

You will need dumbells.  They use two 5# mostly, but you would benefit from a few lighter ones as well.

I'm not sure if Jay Johnson was drunk when he filmed this? He give stupid facts and doesn't seem to know what's going on some of the time. But if you can get past that...

I've done the High Impact Workout twice and both times I was so sore afterwards, everyone within a mile of me was well aware. But I love that! And what I love even better, is that both times that I've done the video, I didn't have a problem getting through it. It has a really good warm-up. And it's not boring at all, and just as soon as I think, "I can't do one more squat, I might sit out the next one." He switches it up with something that makes me think, "Well, I can handle THIS! I won't sit one out afterall!"

Speaking of squats, holy squat-lover. I don't think I've ever done so many squats. But again, somehow he tricks you into doing them and you don't realize you do so many! It's sneaky. Which is my kind of workout video!

The Low Impact Workout focuses more on your arms. And there is an arm bonus workout in the bonus features. My arms have never been my strong point, so that workout was rough.

Verdict?  I would definitely recommend this DVD.  I actually even bought it myself after I tried it out.


Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders  - Body Slimming Yoga

You will need a yoga mat, or not.  Really, it's up to you. :)

There is a 45 minute and a 25 minute workout.  At first I thought he didn't explain things well, but then I realized there was a "position breakdown" feature. I didn't check that out though. I did like how he gave options for progressions. Several I had never heard before, so that was nice.

I'm not a big fan of Tai Chi (until I'm 80 and have balance issues), but there is a 5 minute Tai Chi intro on the video.

The Martial Arts intro was kinda fun. They focused alot on abs strengthening through kicks. I'd never done anything like it before.

Verdict?  Would not recommend.  You don't really feel like you worked out afterwards.  Though it kinda peeked my interest in martial arts a little.  So maybe I will look into reviewing a martial arts workout video.


Malachi said...

Nice review. I hope you don't journey down to texas so you can cheer-on all your boyfriends with pom poms! (jealous)

Taumi said...

aw, Lynds! you don't have a sexy walk? lol Every girl's gotta have a sexy walk. haha, so funny. I am sure they were pretty annoying.

Stephen said...

Well thank you for the reviews. You've just saved me from buying two terrible videos. I might have to pick up that other one though...

Malachi said...

Stephen let me know if you pick up that last one, I might ask to borrow it... (assumedly before april 25th!!! after that day i'll have no need to borrow it. (imma steal hers...shhh))