Monday, February 15, 2010

2009 Pho-to-dee-doe

  1. Happy Birthday Love!  (best to not click on this picture as those cupcakes were not pretty)
  2. A tree...duh.
  3. Daisy Dear
  4. The personalized Rubix I made
  5. Sleepy head.
  6. A tradition that we haven't done in some time
  7. Books I like.
  8. My car hasn't been this clean since the day I took this photo
  9. I was stuck in this parking lot for some time.
  10. This was a beautiful morning.  Oh what a beautiful morning!  Oh what a beautiful day!  I've got a wonderful feeling!  Everything's going my way!
  11. Curly
  12. She's my little model.

1 comment:

Taumi said...

I wasn't going to click on the cupcakes but now I really wanna because you told me not to...