Thursday, February 18, 2010

2009 Photos. Not even close to being done with these posts yet...

  1. Ah, here we are again.  But I will stop complaining about winter for one second to say, I love how much sun we have had this last week!
  2. My Pa.
  3. I don't remember where this is.  Probably the field across from the state park.  Eh, whatever, it's pretty at least.
  4. The thick air made for some neat lamps.
  5. Daisy, all drugged up after oral surgery.
  6. Dylan, staring at Daisy's soft food (for her surgery) that he knows isn't his.  Haha, he's adorable.  I would give him some and he would eat it so guiltily.
  7. Move over Shaun White!
  8. Another shot of me after I went to bed and remembered I hadn't taken my picture of the day yet.
  9. Another tree, I like this one. 
  10. Mommy!  I'm ready to come inside!
  11. Puppies + Snow
  12. The Ecopolitan, a raw food restaraunt we sometimes go to.

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