Monday, March 8, 2010

  1. A random snowfall, I ran outside to take pictures, and all the snow was gone by the afternoon.
  2. See?  This was the next day, no snow!  But very windy!
  3. You bethcha!
  4. My man.
  5. Dates and Izze.
  6. My little squirrel.
  7. Growth!  This was their best phase I think, considering they never flowered :(
  8. Ladybug.  And also note, I am laying in a hammock.  Something I have already done this year!  We put our hammock out in the middle of snow because we've been having sunny days in the 40s!
  9. I love this little look from Daisy.  Haha, I think she may be annoyed with me?
  10. Ice cream.
  11. The Peony poking through.  I'm sad, because I think my parents trashed the peonies.  Oh well, didn't really have a place for them anyways.  Another day!
  12. Us right before heading up north for a weekend getaway!

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Angie S said...


and i am still in awe over the giant plaque you have proclaiming what a dedicated fan you are. that's just amazing. :)