Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hello all ya'll :)

I apologize for abandoning the blogging world.  Despite the daily life busyness, my computer kicked the bucket.  And that's where all of my pictures are.  I've been dying to blog anyways though, so I will just write a little update to satisfy myself for a couple more weeks until I get my pictures and computer freedom back!

So what have I been up to ever since I got hitched? (more on that to come when I have my precious pictures back!)

  • Unpacking - we have "the room of boxes" and the door stays closed so we can live in denial.  Unfortunately, that is the guest bedroom, so obviously it needs to be payed attention to if we ever want to be hospitable.  I'm still deciding on that one.  haha, I'm JUST KIDDING.
  • Work - bummer.  When I got back to work, I soon learned that two people had broken down in tears because of how awful it had been.  Not exactly what I wanted to come back to.  And 2 weeks ago they dropped the ball that they, in fact, will NOT hire a new therapist.  So...right when our hope was all we had to cling to, they went and stomped on that as well.  I love our manager, and he is working himself like a dog for us, but he is going to burn out along with the rest of us if something doesn't change.   :(
  • Dogs - Oh my word.  Puppies First Move has been an adventure.  They flipped out.  And that's an understatement.  I think it was a combination of them getting nervous when I was packing and then being left alone for a week and then moving.  All within just 2 weeks time.  They are finally calming down, but they are learning from our neighbor dogs how to be yappy, which is NOT OKAY.
  • Wedding Gifts - awesome!  Best thing EVER.  Last friday my dad delivered and helped set up our table and chairs.  (wedding/birthday boy/birthday girl gift). 
  • Walking - it's been gorgeous outside.  So we've been taking the dogs for walks (Dylan's lost 1 lb!!), we went to an art festival, and up and down the gazillion stairs in our house.
  • Dreaming - I think I may start an Etsy shop.  I have an idea for it, and heck, why not?  But I'm not allowing myself until we are fully unpacked and the thank-you's are done!  Haha.
  • Reading - Right now I am reading The Shack (I really don't see what all the fuss was about), and Malachi and I have started a devotion book.  A spin off of sorts from the book, Sacred Marriage.
  • Watching - We turned on my tv the other day.  The little white 12" tv that I saved my allowance for a very long time for when I was...oh, probably around 9?  Well, it is now B&W.  But I think it may be 3D as well because everything on the screen has a red and blue outline.  But no prob, we have Malachi's super huge computer monitor.  We have been watching a ton of How I Met Your Mother, which is awesome.  And I watched Fame.  I didn't like it.  Reaaalllly long and it was kinda like High School Musical in the ghetto.  And I am in the middle of a Samantha Brown DVD about Germany Switzerland and Austria.  I want to be Samantha Brown.  Only, that would be straining on a marriage, and she was only married for one year, so I in point.  So Malachi would have to come along (I don't think he will put up too much of a fight).  And our show could be called Travel Mart.  Eh?  You like?  Ya, I'm a genius.  I had tuesday night visits at my parent's every week for Lost (which is over now), and I caught the season finale of Grey's Anatomy (Holy crap that was the most stressful 2 hours of my life).  Also we went out for our date night and saw Date Night.  Which was pretty funny.  And by the length of this paragraph, maybe I need to take a step back from tv/movies.  Ah, probably not.  Speaking of...
  • Date Nights - Malachi just got home, so that's what we are off to do right now! Later!


Taumi said...

Thanks for the update on your life! And I have been toying with the idea of an etsy shop for awhile too. Mine wouldn't be too specific about what I would sell, just things I make/create. Would love if you did one too, but really, how do you still have time and energy after all those things you already do? You're Super Woman.

Miriam said...

Grey's Anatomy was so stressful that I had a nasty headache at the end. I also shouldn't have watched it the night before my psychiatry shelf exam. Oh well!

And your life sounds so awesome! For some reason the idea of moving right now sounds SO glamorous to me... if only...