Wednesday, June 30, 2010

a day in nature

It is only fair that I warn you now.  This post has alot of pictures.  So beware...

Continuing with talking about my birthday, I had mentioned we went to the arboretum. 

Driving up we saw this amazing creation.  It was over 1000 man hours, and I want to own it.

There was a trail of mosaics.  Popular with the kiddos, so it was hard to get pictures without kids in them, haha.  They were all adorable though, despite their abundance.

A few of the mosaics were very 3D

If I could only do this to my VW...

It's weeping trees!!

I can't always explain my actions.

Would it not be completely awesome to have a table like this in your yard?

I'm trying to embrace my "16 going on 17!"  (plus 10 years...)

My favorite flower in the whole place:

And someday, Malachi and I are going to have one of these bushes.  Pretty!

If you cannot handle our awesomeness, you may want to avert your eyes.


The Labyrinth.  We are more at peace with ourselves now, or something.

Where's Waldo?

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Taumi said...

That branch-y house is wicked cool. I would love to have one in the backyard. And also that table with lettuce growing out of it. That's what we can live in and eat out of when we flee to the wilderness! lol