Saturday, June 26, 2010

Honeymoonin - Part 1...Maui!

This is a photo of us on the plane, just minutes after leaving our reception!

The next day, on Maui, Malachi had reserved us spots on the Flyin Hawaiian zip line!

It's really a cool place.  The owner looks like he's about our age.  And he wanted to preserve Hawaii's land.  Some people were going to sell the land for hotels and housing and such, but he decided to buy it and came up with the idea of putting a zip line on it.  That way, the beauty of it is not destroyed (because you can't see the zip line unless you are practically on it) and he can earn enough money to keep the land.

This is me going backwards.
And every time they bring people on the zip line, they plant a hibiscus tree.  So we got to participate in that :)

The next day (I think) we explored a touristy town that our hotel was by.  And we found the huge Banyan tree that is a block big.  So in case you are wondering...

That's it!

Then we went and tried on some Crocs flats.

I never knew Malachi wore drag until I married him.

These are some of the animals at our hotel (Malachi REALLY treated me well with our honeymoon!)

And maybe it was jet lag, pure exhaustion or who knows what.  But this clock had me staring at it for a very long time.

This was initially my 'running away' dress.  Instead I wore it to dress up in for Ulalena!

I really liked Ulalena.  It's a theatrical show about Maui.  And it was sooo creative.  They have flowy fish on poles and they walk them around and it feels like you are inside of an aquarium because they are all around you.  And they had a sheet of the stage for part of it, with people underneath and they did coordinated movements to make the sheet look like the ocean swelling up and down and with waves.

Malachi love the music and they had a crazy cool band.

They had people dancing on stilts

And this acrobat lady

I definitely would reconmmend it if you are ever in Maui

Stay tuned for Oahu!


Malachi said...

I love you!

Taumi said...

Aw, guess I can't top that comment above. But I can try, I love you!!!!

I have recently realized I love flamingos. And that white dress you wore, J'adore!