Monday, June 28, 2010

ok, now I'm 27

So friday (June 18), I come home from work and Malachi is sassily making spaghetti.

I'm home for at least 30 minutes when I see a box over by the door.  Malachi says "Oh ya, a box came for you today."
I happily hop skip and jump over to the door, then stop abruptly.  "When did this come?!  It says to put it in the fridge immediately!"  Not a problem though.  There was dry ice in that box, and the contents were still mightily cold.  It was awesome.  And what was in the box?  ICE CREAM!!!  And such delicious flavors.  Mmmmm!

Thank-you Vanessa!  Very awesome gift, well done!

Vanessa asked me to tell her which was my favorite flavor.  Well, I couldn't decide until I realized that I finished the entire Belgium Chocolate embarrassingly fast.  So that must have been it.  In second I'm gonna have to put Wildberry Lavender.  It's a little less sweet, but...well, perfect.  I love it.  And its lavender ice cream!!  In third, the Strawberry Buttermilk, and in 4th is the salty caramel, though still delicious.  Oh man, thats good stuff!

Another breakfast one from the box!  "Malachi must prepare breakfast for Lyndsey - Her favorite breakfast :) "  From Malachi's mom.  This worked out well for an awesome start to my birthday day!

So Malachi got to work making my favorite breakfast.  He even used real milk for me!


Look at my little family, so excited to present me my breakfast of champions!

Malachi made himself one with rice dream and topped with Agave Syrup, and he really liked it!  Yay!

After breakfast, we lazily got ready and then headed out to the other side of the cities for the U of M Arboretum.

But there are lots of pictures from that, so I will make a separate post for that :)

Afterwards, we headed to St. Paul and ate at Pazza Luna.  One of our faves.  We got there too early to eat a meal, but we could have happy hour appetizers.  And boy did we.  We ate SO MUCH!

My fried zuchinni (mmm!)

Malachi's no-cheese pizza

My artichoke dip creation (eh, it was alright)

Malachi's...uh...I can't remember.  Some sort of fried vegetable.

And the BEST creme brulee in the world!  (It has a little chocolate in the middle!

(Malachi tried to steal it from me)

Mmm!!  This is my favorite desert!  I love it.

Me.  Feeling complete.

But wait, what's this!?  I get a present too?!  A gift card to Banana Republic and it's sister stores!

And we finished the day at SATC2.

Not really a good movie.  I really liked the first one.  This one seemed a little too old of humor for me and some cheap attempts at laughs.  And the fashion was not very inspiring.  Oh well, it was still fun to go!

Thank-you Malachi!


Taumi said...

wow, why is V so much cooler than me! Wildberry Lavender? Sounds scrumptious. And I know Malachi wasn't going to steal that creme brulee with all that dairy in it. So you can really get past the egg taste?

Taumi said...

Oh, and I think I have the same black ankle pants as you! How do we always manage to buy the same stuff? Albeit, black ankle pants are staple like.

Lyndsey said...

So those pants are just straight leg pants. But they are slightly highwaters, so i just roll them up a little and it works! And I just looove creme brulee. And this one has chocolate in the middle, so that may help you get past the egg taste! But I'm a southern girl at heart I guess, and custard has always been a delicacy in our house :)